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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a systematic approach to teaching functional skills for those who have unique learning styles. As a teaching approach for helping those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ABA focuses on addressing skill deficits and behaviors that might create obstacles in the individual's life.

The methods utilized in ABA are evidence-based with decades of supporting scientific research. No strategies that are not supported by research are ever used in our services.

The child's progress is consistently tracked, which we review regularly and adjust our strategies accordingly so we do not waste precious time. 

We understand that we are only one part of the child's life. Therefore, we regularly involve parents in our sessions and provide training so they can continue to support the child throughout their day.

We believe that everyone learns best when they are happy and having fun. The teaching strategies we use hold the child's happiness as the top priority.

Every goal addressed and method utilized in our services are created for the particular child. We want to encourage individual differences and support their colorful personality. 




Data Driven


Our Specialties

At The Dozen ABA, we specialize in language and communication and focus our efforts at being the best at helping those with challenges in these areas. Communicating is an incredibly complicated skill that requires time and intensive care to acquire. Each learner presents their own unique challenges with language and communication, and we are determined to find their personal style of learning these skills and we base everything we do around their improvement. 

In addition to language and communication, we strive to be the best in helping our learners acquire:

Functional Living Skills such as independently dressing, eating, and hygiene.

Play Skills such as playing with peers and age-appropriate play activities.

School readiness skills such as following instructions and cooperating with groups.

Alternatives to challenging behavior such as tantrums and aggression.

What to expect

Our services are comprehensive and we want families to feel completely comfortable while applying for and receiving our services. Here are some helpful points for families when applying for our services:

Sessions & Schedules

Consistency is key to make progress. Sessions take place in our learning center in Dupont, WA. Sessions take place daily during the same time, between 2-4 hours per session. The length of sessions is determined by the BCBA based on the needs of the learner.

Parent Participation

Parents are always welcome, but not required to be involved in daily sessions. However, parents are expected to participate in parent training sessions multiple times per month during regular session times with the BCBA and to work on goals outside of ABA sessions.

School & other settings

The Dozen ABA does not provide services in schools or during the sessions of other professionals, such as Speech or Occupational therapists. We are happy to meet and collaborate with school staff and other professionals, but our sessions cannot occur at the same time.

Learning Takes Time

We always want improvement as fast as possible. While The Dozen ABA designs its services to be highly efficient, learning takes time. Many of the skills in which we specialize, such as language acquisition, are highly complex skills that may take substantial amounts of time for the learner to acquire, depending on their needs. We devote our full attention to the acquisition of these skills as quickly as can be, but ask that parents understand the complexity of the skills we address and the time it takes their child to acquire them.

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